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S & S Security Systems

My experience with S & S has been awesome! I first knew Dale as a law enforcement officer and later through both his and Fran’s employment on weekends at Parker Mortuary.

But when it comes to alarm systems, I’m assured we’re safe, secure, up-to-date and expandable. S & S supplied our first system at Parker Mortuary, later adding a system for our next-door warehouse and crematory. When my aging father needed a system for the new house we were building, S & S was the only choice. When Dad needed a “medical help button”, we added that for peace of mind. Now that my family lives in that house, they’ve recently updated that system to wireless, added our outbuilding, and when we finish our upcoming addition, it will easily expand to cover that. Dale and Fran think ahead and always anticipate the customer’s needs. I’d recommend them (and have) to anyone.

Tom K, Parker Mortuary, Joplin MO

Dale and Fran

Joy and I want to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the service you both provide thru your company. You are the “Best”!

Dave & Joy H – Joplin MO

Thank U “Very much!"
We wanted to say thank you again for putting in our system & helping us. (we enjoy it)

Ron & Sandy H – Lamar MO

Just a brief note to tell you how the security system was a life saver for mom. On the early morning of 7/17 she fell in her bathroom. She couldn’t get herself up & pushed the button. I was notified by the system & police. She was taken to the hospital w/a broken hip. If not for the machine she could have laid a long time as it was 4 AM. I am expecting her to return to her apt. Thank you for this service.

Connie C, daughter – Joplin MO

Sure am enjoying the piece of mind your service provides. My mom is too!  Thanks! J

Thank you for the system. It worked very well. It saved her a few times and gave us a sense of security. Thanks again,

J. C. E, D. O. Weir KS

I just wanted to call and tell you how great the system is. She (mom, who resides in Neosho) fell last Friday and luckily unlike her friends who take their monitoring devices off at night or when they shower she had left hers on and was able to summons an ambulance; and they got her to the hospital and she is fine. She’s home and I came home. I just want you to know at the hospital I shared your information with some people because I am extremely pleased with how this whole process has worked. The monitoring, she has accidentally hit a few times, and they come on and they are nice. I am very very appreciative of the service you are selling and I just wanted to express my thanks.

Terry R. (daughter) Omaha NE